venerdì 16 marzo 2018

Dash & Maxuel

Bento Static Male Poses W25 (02)
Head: Catwa
Bento Stanley
For Bento Catwa Stanley
Now @ eBENTO
Skin: Go&See
 includes new body appliers which are made of new skin tones
Appliers are made as omega and catwa
Hair: VoltHair 
Denny HairV2 - Black Pack
Beard and Moustache: Volkstone
Dashiell Facial Hair / Moustache
Black and Tintable
Catwa and Omega
Now @ Man Cave Event
  Shirt: Fashionnatic
Alex Top
W/Hud Colors 60 fatpack
Adam - Aesthetic - Bellezza - Signature - Slink - Tmp
Pants: Fashionnatic
Duty Pants
Normal and Boot Version - (W/Hud 40 Texture - 80 Patches Fatpack)
Adam - Aesthetic - Signature - Slink - Tmp

I Will Take Care Of You

[CC] Faery Lily Set
- Flower long 1
- Flower short 1, 2, 3
- Flower giant 1, 2, 3
- Flower short giant 1
Color Change System with Endless Combinations Colors

giovedì 15 marzo 2018

The Escape

Pose: Quar Store
Bruce pose
Hair: Bad Hair Day
Evren - Ginger and Blonde
L'homme Group Gift Exclusive 
Hair Base: Bad Hair Day
Hair Base 02 - Tintable
Beard and Moustache: CDC Creation's
Beard Mesh 04
Light Brown V2
Catwa/ Sig / Omega

Pants: Meva 
Janis Pants
W/Hud Colors
Bellezza - Signature
Body Tattoo: Juna Tatoo
Wolf & crow tattoo Man
Bel, Adam, Omega, Slink, Sign, TMP, Altamura, Cl. Av.
  Now @ The Men Jail Event
Necklace: !NFINITY
Miles Dog Tag Necklace
100% Original Mesh
Gold - Silver - Black
W/Hud Texture for the gem.
Now @ MOM

mercoledì 14 marzo 2018

Call Me

What Now

Hair: no.match 
No.Revenge - Black
Unisex - Rigged Mesh
Now @ Liaison Collaborative 

 Pants: Legal Insanity
Leon Capris Sweats
W/Hud Colors
TMP - Aesthetic - Bellezza - Signature
Now @Fameshed
Tattoo: Kira Tattoo
 3 Styles (50% - 75% - 100%)

martedì 13 marzo 2018


Pose: Quar Store
Bruce pose

Hair: no.match 
No.Surprise - Brown
Unisex - Rigged Mesh
Now @ Cosmopolitan 

Shirt and Sweater: Fame Homme
Shirt Sweater Set - White
W/Hud Colors
Belleza - Signature - Slink - Adam - TMP

Jeans: Fashionnatic
Pathos Jeans
Normal and Boot Version - (W/Hud 12 Colors fatpack)
Come for Adam - Aesthetic - Bellezza - Signature - Slink - TMP

lunedì 12 marzo 2018

My Bike

Bento Static Male Poses 24 (01)

Hair: VoltHair 
Denny HairV2 - Black Pack

Beard & Mustache: Purfect
Mesh Beard A 007 - Black
Jacket: Gabriel
One Shoulder Double JK - White T
Bellezza and Signature
Now @ TMD
Bike: Optmus Race 
All poses created exclusive to the model
Several colors of paint.
Version for Girls and Men in the box.
10 Different Versions For the best performance with less lag.
KCP Redirect for TP your motorcycle
Damage Meter System for your RPG
SD Script.lsl for your race.
Radio System for your party
 For the description and details please read the discretion in the market

domenica 11 marzo 2018

The Terrace

 Forniture: Patron 
- Banyan House Master Suite Bed
- Banyan House Bed Screen
- Banyan House Master Bedroom Draped Backdrop
- Banyan House Master Suite Bench Seating
- Banyan House Hayman Planter
- Lost Gardenias by Eliza Wierwight (Pictures)
- Signature Range Sirene Sculpture
- Signature Range Fetiche Sculpture
- Mauritius Display Style Three
- Banyan House Maugham Table
- Bellagio Chair White Linen
- Bellagio Chair Damask Linen
(and More)